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We in Games Finland is a non-profit organisation for everyone looking to improve diversity, equity and inclusion within the games industry.

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We in Games organises events focused on networking and career development.

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Gender in Play

The project examined the character development and world-building within Finnish games studios’ games from the perspective of gender equality and representation.

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The WiGFi Mentorship Program is a lightly structured program that pairs participants for one-to-one mentorships.

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Members of WiGFi can take part in our mentorship program and join our workshops, networking events, and training sessions.

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A private person, an organisation or a company that accepts our rules and agrees with our purpose and mission can be accepted as a support member.

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Vision and Values

We in Games Finland is for everyone supporting diversity and inclusion in the Finnish game ecosystem. We are women, non-binary, men, students, professionals, C-level people, entrepreneurs, persons with disabilities, persons of colour, people with different religious views, sexual orientations, and various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. We unite in diversity.