About We in Games Finland Ry

We in Games Finland is a non-profit organisation for everyone looking to improve diversity, equity and inclusion within the games industry.

Our goal since 2011 has been to attract more diverse talent to the games industry as contributors, employees, and founders in Finland. Today, our goal is still the same – but we’ve grown from a network of women and peers into an actual non-profit organisation to support minorities in games on a broader spectrum.

There are more career opportunities than ever within the games industry, and it’s only going to grow even bigger. Still, only 20% of the people working within the Finnish games industry are women. According to the Developer Satisfaction Survey 2021 by International Game Developers Association, the industry is dominated by males (61%), white/caucasian/Europeans (67%), and heterosexuals (68%).

Yet we have plenty of non-males, people of color, and non-heterosexuals working or looking to work in games. Our role is to make them feel included and seen. Our job is to create equal opportunities for everyone.

We in Games Finland works closely with companies in the Finnish game industry, and we accept companies as our support members.

What we do

We in Games Finland organises events, workshops, and mentorship opportunities. We run our own projects and participate in projects that support our goals. Our activities also include other forms of sharing information, connections, and trainings to our members. All of our actions are guided by our vision and values.

WiGFi also maintains We in Games Finland group on Facebook and shares resources and information about diversity within games and technology through its channels.

Anyone can apply to We in Games Finland membership regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, financial situation, body or disability.

Check out our Code of Conduct and our anti-harassment info kit.

Women in Games Finland ry constitutive meeting 2019
Women in Games Finland’s constitutive meeting in March 2019.

WiGFi is a member of Neogames Finland, the member-based non-profit game industry organization.

During our annual meeting in 2020, we decided to move to a more inclusive name, and starting August 31st of 2020 our name changed into We in Games Finland.