Belonging in the LGBTQIA+ community in the Finnish game industry: Part 1, sexual minorities

Taina Myöhänen, Susi Nousiainen

In this blog post we discuss how people belonging to sexual minorities experience the working life and events in the Finnish game industry. The analysis is based on the online...


Better Games Together: One Year On And Going Strong

Essi Jukkala

With this year’s Pride Month just around the corner, we wanted to take stock of how Better Games Together started, where we are now, and our aspirations for the future. ...


Game developers’ experiences of industry events in Finland

Taina Myöhänen

We in Games Finland, together with IGDA Finland, carried out a survey in 2021 on experiences of the game industry in Finland. This article summarises experiences of and opinions on...


Experiences of unwanted behaviour and harassment in Finnish game industry workplaces

Taina Myöhänen

The results of the first analysis gave an overview of a mostly diverse and supportive atmosphere in the Finnish game industry. According to the results, 89% of respondents agreed that...


Stop pitying us

Taina Myöhänen

When I write these lines at the beginning of 2023, I have already left my position as We in Games Finland’s president. My leave is very intentional – I held...


Better Games Together

Essi Jukkala

As gamemakers, our mission has always been to create unforgettable experiences that entertain, bring joy and connect people with each other. We believe that striving towards a diverse, inclusive and...


Taina Myöhänen is the Power Player of the Year 2021

Essi Jukkala

Taina Myöhänen giving a speech at the Finnish Game Awards 2022 after receiving the award. Picture by Katariina Salmi Our president Taina Myöhänen received The Power Player of the Year...


Diversity, inclusion and equal treatment in the Finnish game industry

Essi Jukkala

We in Games Finland, together with IGDA Finland, carried out a questionnaire in 2021 about the experiences in the game industry in Finland. The results give an overview of a...


Planned actions for 2021

Essi Jukkala

In the annual meeting, the action plan for the year 2021 was approved. The organisation decided to focus on the following topics for this year. If you want to help...


The WiGFi board responsibilities and practicalities

Essi Jukkala

What is the board? During the term 2020-2021, the board of We in Games Finland has had the president, eight board members and two deputy board members. The board can...


Notes about WIGFI vision and values

Taina Myöhänen

We in Games Finland's board accepted and published WIGFI's vision and values at the beginning of this year. They can be found here: Our vision and values are not...


Questions and Answers about Finnish Labour Laws for Game Developers in Finland

Taina Myöhänen

This blog post is done in collaboration with Game Makers of Finland. Earlier this autumn, We in Games Finland, Game Makers of Finland, and IGDA Helsinki collaborated in organising an...


Working in the Finnish Game Industry

Tarja Porkka-Kontturi

Game Makers of Finland, the official protector of Peliviikko, published game week related video series on YouTube. It shares narratives from people working in the Finnish game industry. This year’s...


Discord Tea Time: Casual voice chat every weekday

Barbara Leal

The need that we noticed Since working from home became the new normal, most of us have started to miss the casual discussions at the workplace and just being around...


Questionnaire 2020 Results

Emilia Machuca

The lion share of WiGFi members and the Facebook community are people who have been in the industry for several years. The LGBTQ+ community is solidly represented within the members....


Labour laws in Finland for the Game Makers

Taina Myöhänen

On 15th September 2020, We in Games Finland, Game Makers of Finland, and IGDA Helsinki collaborated in organising an online talk on the labour laws in Finland and the rights...


The Number of Women in the Finnish Game Industry

Taina Myöhänen

The following statistics about the Finnish game industry are from Neogames Finland’s biennial survey. Neogames has been monitoring the progress of the Finnish Game Industry since 2003. Every second year,...