Planned actions for 2021

In the annual meeting, the action plan for the year 2021 was approved. The organisation decided to focus on the following topics for this year. If you want to help with any of the topics, contact the responsible persons! All help is welcome, and you can always contact the board or email to become a volunteer<3

We raise awareness of diversity and inclusion in the game industry

The association continues actively promoting diversity and inclusion within the game industry. Members of WiGFi will give talks at game industry events about diversity, inclusion, the association and its aims.
Contact:, the board

We share and promote best practices of diversity and inclusion in the industry, e.g. arranging events with companies willing to share their DEI practices.
Contact:, Emmi Hattunen / Essi Jukkala

The association shares fact-based information on diversity and inclusion via its own public channels and other suitable channels.
Contact: Tarja Porkka-Kontturi

The Inclusive Leadership program is an accessible eight month leadership training that aims to catalyse positive change in the way we lead, engage and retain our industry’s diverse talent. The project will be funded by Finnish game companies. The current plan is to start the project in autumn 2021.
Contact: The program is designed and led by Salla Hiiskoski.

We amplify the association’s expert role on diversity and inclusion in games

The association shares knowledge and provides fact based information on the state of diversity and inclusion in the Finnish game industry. In addition, it shares this knowledge to the international game industry in general, for policymakers, the public sector and other associations outside the games industry. Collaboration activities include, for example, working on the Generation Equality project, collaborating with Fairplay Alliance, and doing research with the National Council of Women of Finland on the Gender in Play project.
Contact: Taina Myöhänen

The association participates in the public debate around diversity and inclusion about the game industry.
Contact:, the board

We offer role models

WiGFi’s Speakers List facilitates the diversification of the conference scene by promoting the talents and experience of industry professionals. The Speakers List is our longest running project, it started right after the constitutive meeting. The project will continue for 2021 and focus on promoting the list as the most used source for seeking game industry speakers.
Contact:, Essi Jukkala

WiGFi is actively seeking possibilities to present the game industry in schools.
Contact:, Taina Myöhänen

We enhance the career of WIGFI members

The Mentorship program is aimed at WiGFi members at the beginning of their career, or at their career crossroads. The call for the third mentorship program closed at the end of February 2021, and the program is running from mid March until mid June. Planning of the Mentorship program 4 will start in late 2021.
Contact:, Salla Hiiskoski

Plans for WiGFi’s members working in middle management to advance their careers are ready, but the project launch is postponed until 2022 due to the difficulties that the coronavirus presented. In 2021, WiGFi will focus on events supporting career growth and personal growth.
Contact:, Emmi Hattunen, Dina Ramse

We enhance the position of LGBTQ+ persons in the industry

To increase LGBTQ+ understanding in our industry, WiGFi will partner with Helsinki Pride to offer education for Finnish games studios on how to support LGBTQ+ persons in the workplace. WiGFi will also act as the official Helsinki Pride partner and organise an event during Pride Week, and partner with Finnish Game Jam on organising Pride Jam.
Contact: Licia Prehn

We support gender equality in games

Gender in Play – Representations of Gender in Games project discusses gender representations. The project collects fact-based information about gender representations in Finnish games from 2018 to 2020, analyses gender-based violence in games and collects & shares best practices on creating more diverse characters in games and promotes healthier game words for all genders. The project is implemented in collaboration with The Council of Women of Finland / Making an Impact with Equality Acts project, and funded by the Ministry of Justice.
Contact: Taina Myöhänen

Our internal development

To strengthen the brand, WIGFI will allocate this year some money for visual presentations of the organisation. This includes photos of events, stock-photo-like photos for the website and other marketing materials and visuals.
Contact: Essi Jukkala

The second membership survey will be organised in autumn 2021.

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