Level-up Breakfasts

WiGFi is planning to launch a new project in order to help its members who work in middle management in games to find ways to advance their careers.  The Level-up Breakfasts aim to give tools and new ways of thinking for members and raise them up.


  1. Recognizing one’s strengths and expressing them
  2. Courage and determination
  3. Pitch exercises
  4. Growth mindset vs. fixed mindset & neuroscience
  5. Inclusive body language and nonverbal communication
  6. Negotiation skills
  7. Operational leadership in the games industry
  8. Acting as a supportive supervisor & leadership skills
  9. Topics that have risen from the group

WiGFi will be sharing learnings from the breakfasts in the blog and present the trainers and attendees.

More info from Emilia!