Task Force for anti-harassment

The Finnish Game Industry has a zero-tolerance policy on harassment.

The Finnish Game Industry has a zero-tolerance policy on harassment. All Finnish game industry organisations (and through that, their members) are under Neogames’ Code of Conduct. We in Games Finland also has its own Code of Conduct.

Despite our best efforts, unfortunately, harassment can still happen. We’ve gathered information if you happen to face sexual harassment:

1. Talk with someone. With your friend, a trusted one, the person next to you, HR, event organiser, or contact us. You have every right to speak out what happened. It might feel embarrassing, difficult or awkward, but please remember you have done nothing wrong.

2. Talk with HR or the event organiser. If there’s sexual harassment happening in the workplace, it is the company’s responsibility to look into the case and take action. Companies should have clear policies with this. Neogames’ Code of Conduct can also be used as a backbone if they don’t have one of their own. Contact your HR or your supervisor. If something happens at industry events, people should inform the event organisers as soon as they can. The organisers are responsible for acting accordingly. All events should have their own Code of Conduct visible – remember that you can use Neogames’ Code of Conduct in case you don’t have your own.

If you are afraid to bring up the case at the workplace or at the event, you can contact the Task Force contact person Taina Myöhänen, taina[at]weingames.fi. We are here to help. All discussions with the Task Force’s members are confidential. 

The most important thing is to inform the people mentioned above. Nothing will change and can’t be done if we don’t know what’s happening. We know it’s scary and terrifying to bring these cases up, but unfortunately, this is the only way to make a change and make people understand that what they’re doing is wrong.

3. File the case. In Finland, the court does the judgement, not us or anyone else. The prosecution rests with the plaintiff (in Finnish we talk about asianomistajarikos) in sexual harassment cases, so you are the only person who can bring the case forward. Nobody else can. It is always your decision to file the case. But you’re not alone. We can and we will help you, support you and give advice.

Where to find more info

Victim Support Finland, Rikosuhripäivystys: Helpline 116 006 Mon–Tue 1 pm – 9 pm and Wed–Fri 5 pm – 9 pm.

The police, Reporting an offence online.

Police’s helpline: +358 295 419 800 or neuvontapalvelu@poliisi.fi, weekdays from 8.00 am to 4.15 pm.

The Criminal Law of Finland, parts related to sexual crimes (unfortunately only in Finnish)

Sexpo’s (NGO working in the field of sexuality and relationships) helpline: (unfortunately only in Finnish): +358 50 472 4257, times wary weekly.