Vision and Values

Our vision and values guide all our actions. WiGFi is open for everyone supporting diversity, equity and inclusion.

We in Games Finland is for everyone supporting diversity and inclusion in the Finnish game ecosystem. We are women, non-binary, men, students, professionals, C-level people, entrepreneurs, persons with disabilities, persons of colour, people with different religious views, sexual orientations, and various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. We unite in diversity.

None of us is more important than the other. We value equality at every level. The community is our driving force. We share knowledge, listen, inspire, encourage, and help others. Our action starts from our active members, the activists. Everything we do is based on the ideas from our active members who are willing to work for the things they see important.

Outside of our industry we promote role models, share our knowledge about the industry, and participate in different actions, forums, and events supporting diversity and inclusion in general. 

We want to be the forerunners in diversity and inclusion in tech industry and other industries. We want the game industry to be a truly mixed community, where people come from different cultural, religious, socioeconomic, gender, disability and health backgrounds. We strive to see a growing number of non-male and non-white individuals founding games companies, working in the industry, applying for games jobs and studying in game-related fields.