In addition to the officially elected board members, many volunteers contribute their time, knowledge and experience to the organisation in various ways.

Want to help too? Contact the board and we can surely come up with something you can do!

Want to organise events for your area? Contact the responsible person(s) listed here, or contact the board if there’s no one yet from your area!

List of volunteers

Salla Hiiskoski – Building Mentorship & Leadership Programs

Tiina “Milsa” Malin – Organising Pre-IGDA Drinks
Leena Taskinen – Organising Pre-IGDA Drinks

Ria Gynther – Organising events

Kirsi Rossi – Organising events, Pre-IGDAs
Maria Törhönen – Organising events

Tipi Ilmonen – Organising events
Eeva Vuorinen –  Organising events